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1.      Thesis Proposal
To be able to submit a Thesis Proposal, the student must fulfill:
a.      Administrative requirements, namely: have registered again as a student in the respective semester
b.      Academic requirements:
1)    Have completed a minimum of 20 credits units with a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.00 with an attached Study Result Card (SRC).
2)    Obtained a minimum of B grade in the field of study selected for research.
c.      Students may submit an application letter for proposal topic /thesis research topic to the Head of Study Program which contains 
1)       Proposed Title (one or more)
2)       Selected field of concentration
3)       Proposed supervisor (one or more)
d.      The Head of Study Program will appoint the thesis supervisor.
e.      Proposed title / topic of the approved thesis research is valid for 2 (two) semesters from the date of approval. Research proposals may be submitted after approval of the proposed thesis research topic.
f.       The content of the research proposal should cover:
1)     Research Topic.
2)     Research problem.
3)     Research objectives
4)     Literature Review
5)     Methodology
2.    Thesis Supervision
a.      The Research Supervisor is appointed by the Head of Postgraduate of Civil Engineering Study program.
b.      The student must actively follow the guidance provided by the research supervisor.
c.       Students will be given a Thesis Counseling Card (TCC) to monitor the track consultation, verify the progress of research results, and systematic and continuous writing of the Thesis.
3.    Research
a.      Students are able to do research after the research proposal is approved by the supervisor.
b.      The Thesis Writing format can been seen in the book Thesis Writing Guide
4.    Thesis Examination
a.     Stages of the Thesis Examination.
Thesis Examination for each student in the Posgraduate of Civil Engineering Study Program is divided into 3 stages namely:
1)  Seminar I or Thesis Proposal Seminar.
2)   Seminar II or Research Findings Seminar (initial draft)
3)  Research Results Examination (final draft) which is often referred to as Thesis Examination Session.
Seminars and exams above are conducted in accordance with the schedule fixed by Civil Engineering Postgraduate Study Program.
b.     Application for Thesis Seminar and Examination
Every student who will go through the Seminar and Thesis Exam must first apply to take the thesis exam. For Thesis Seminar I (Thesis Proposal Seminar) and Thesis Seminar II (Initial draft of the research Findings) the participant must attach the consent form from their supervisor. The applicant must:
1)    Have cleared with academic and financial administration
2)    Have been obtained 34 credits with a Cumulative Grade Point Average  (CGPA) > 3, 25
3)    Have a TOEFL score of at least 475.
4)    Submit four copies of Thesis tested (with spiral binding) to their respective Secretariats for the Head of Thesis Examination Committee, Thesis Supervisor, Thesis Examiner and Secretariat of Postgraduate of Civil Engineering Study Program at least one week before the set date for the examination.
c.      Thesis Seminar and Examination
1)     Conditions for student to attend the Seminar or Examination:
a)     Be present no later than 15 minutes before the start of the exam.
b)     Wear complete civilian apparel for men; or blazer wear for women.
c)     Prepare the material and equipment for presentation
d)     Take note of all the improvement suggestions from the Thesis Examination Committee, which will be used to improve the Thesis Report.
2)     Conditions for other Guests or Students.
       Seminars and thesis examinations can be open to the public, depending on the agreement between examiners and between the students and examiners. Those who wish to attend the proceedings of the thesis examination are expected to:
a)     Register with the Thesis Examination Committee by writing their name on the prepared attendance list.
b)     Adorn in formal wear, a necktie for men and blazer for women.  
c)     Not to ask questions or aid provide answers to students being examined.
d)     Must help maintain the smooth and calm flow of the examination.
5.    Thesis Assessment
a.      Thesis Assessment Stage
       In accordance with the set Thesis Seminar and Examination stages, assessment too is done at each stage of the thesis exam, with different criteria and weight ratings for each stage. However, the final score of used to determine whether one has passed is the Thesis Examination Score (Examination III, Final draft).
b.    The final assessment of studying is conducted in the Thesis Examination Session. This is after the thesis has been assessed and deemed to meet all the requirements by the supervisor. A student can attend the Thesis Examination Session only 2 times.
c.      Thesis Assessment covers:
1)     Thesis Materials, which includes:
a)     Accurate formulation of research problems and mastery of basic theory, as well as the appropriateness of the research approach in the form of a conceptual framework used.
b)     Sophistication of methodology, analysis and depth of reasoning and formulation of conclusions
c)     Originality and contribution to the respective field of knowledge and its applicability value.
2.    Thesis report – what is assessed is the systematics and use of language.
3.    Thesis Presentation – what is assessed is the mastery and presentation of the thesis content.
d.    Components and Assessment Weights of Thesis Exam
e.     Conversion of the final score
Table 57. Assessment Criteria for the Final Draft of Research Results
No. Assessment Component Component Score (0-100) Weight (%) Weighted Value
1. Thesis Material      
a.  Problem Statement   10  
b. Literature Review & Conceptual Framework 
    - Up datedness and source originality
   - Compatiblity with the Problem
c.   Methodology
- Appropriateness of Design
- Appropriateness of the instruments
- Appropriateness and
acuity of the analysis method   
d.   Research Results
- Precision to answer the problems and hypothesis testing
- Depth of the Discussion
- Originality
- Quality of results and value of its applicability.
2. Thesis Writing
- Systematic writing
- Language
3.   Presentation   15  
Total   100%  
Table 58. Conversion of Numeric and Alphabet Scores
A 4.0 80 << 100 Pass
A- 3.75 77 < n < 79,99 Pass
B+ 3.5 74 < n < 76,99 Pass
B 3.0 68 < n < 73,99 Pass
B- 2.75 65 < n < 67,99 Did not Pass
C+ 2.5 62 < n < 64,99 Did not Pass
C 2.0 56 < n < 61,99 Did not Pass
E 0.0 0 < n < 55,99 Did not Pass
Thesis examination results can be categorized as follows:
a.    Passed without Remedial.
Students who pass the exam without any remedial must report to the Secretariat of Postgraduate Program (Academic Section) to register for graduation and binding of their theses.
b.    Passed with Remedial.
Students who pass the thesis examination with a remedial are required to improve their thesis within the time specified by the Board of Examiners with the guidance of their Supervisors. Thesis improvement is considered complete after approval by the Supervisor (form attached) for further submission to the Secretariat of the Postgraduate Program (Academic Section) for binding.
c.    Did not pass
Students who do not pass must report to the Secretariat of the Postgraduate Program (Academic Section) for admission to upcoming examinations.
6.    Submission of Final Thesis Drafts
1)    The revised thesis incorporating the decisions and suggestions of improvement from the thesis examination committee must get an initial approval from the supervisor.
2)    Submission of the final concept must be accompanied with a statement from the supervisor confirming that the thesis in question has been approved for duplication.
3)     Each student is required to submit 1 (one) hard copy of an already bound thesis and a soft copy in the form of compact disk (CD), 1 copy of a scientific article of thesis and its soft copy to the Secretariat of Civil Engineering Department.
4)    The thesis is bound with a maroon red and gold ink cover.
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